Klara G

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Born in 1979, in a family of twelve Klara G grew up with a lot of artists around her and wanted to become a stage director but ended up as one of Swedens most hired photographers. Klara G started off her career at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm during the year of 2000 where she did portraits and posters for some of Sweden’s most renowned actors, actresses and directors. After almost two years she wanted trying something different and decided to go freelance. Since then she has been working within the fields of fashion, beauty, portrait, still life, interior and of course theatre. In the past couple of years she has broadened her range of work even more and has produced stop-motion commercials, fashion films and music videos for Swedish brands and artists. Klara works both in her beautiful studio close to SoFo of Stockholm and outdoors or wherever is the best place to take the picture. She takes on any assignment that seems to be too much fun to resist! Her images often have a dramatic touch with a special sense of humor.